Purchasing Your First Firearm

Posted on: 8 August 2022

If you have contemplated buying your first gun, you have likely thought about walking into a local gun shop to browse the selection they have available for sale. When you do decide to make a purchase, here is what you can expect to happen.

Let A Staff Member Know About Your Desire

If you have not had a gun in the past, and you do not have the experience to know which type would suit your needs best, it is important to convey this information to one of the staff members at the gun shop you are visiting. Gun store staff members are knowledgeable about the specifications of each gun that they sell, including the number of bullets a gun holds, and the ease of use it provides to the shooter. Let the sales staff know the intention you have in having a gun of your own, whether it be for protection, target practice, or hunting. This makes a difference in the type of gun that would suit those needs best.

Be Prepared To Answer Questions About Yourself

In most states, there are strict guidelines put into place to ensure that someone purchasing a gun is not someone who should not have one in their possession. You will be provided with documentation to fill out on the spot which asks about your personal information. This includes questions about your past, such as whether you were ever convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime. Be sure to answer all questions truthfully, as it is against the law to falsify this information. After your paperwork is filled out, the sales staff member will use it to contact authorities in gun registration. You will be informed whether you were accepted to obtain a gun or whether you were denied this service.

Purchase Any Accessories And Transport Your Gun Home

If there is a holding period for obtaining a gun, you will be given a tentative date as to when you can go back to the gun shop to pick it up. If you are allowed to bring the gun home right away, be sure to purchase any extras that you believe you will need to go along with the firearm. This includes bullets, a scope, a carrying bag or box, a safe, or a strap for ease of carrying. When you bring the gun to your vehicle, place it in the trunk portion. Bullets must be kept separate from the firearm, such as in your vehicle's glove compartment.

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