Why Buying A High Quality Ammo Box Is Important

Posted on: 1 November 2021

When buying ammunition in bulk and transporting it to the range, a high-quality ammo box is an excellent way to ensure that the ammo stays safe. A 250 rounds 9mm ammo box will also make it easier to carry all the ammo and not take the cardboard boxes to the range and have to dispose of when empty.

Selecting An Ammo Box

When looking for an ammo box to store your ammo in, the type of box you select, the size of the container, and the material the box is constructed from can all be vital. Originally ammo boxes were made from steel, and the ammo was packed in oilcloth to ensure it would not corrode.

Modern ammo boxes are often made from plastics, and many of them come with a rubber gasket around the top to ensure the ammo box is watertight. Because the boxes are plastic, they are very durable and lighter to carry than steel ammo boxes, and they are often quieter to transport.

Ammo Box Sizes

When you select a 250 round 9mm ammo box to store your ammunition in, it is essential that you find a box that is sized properly for the amount of ammunition you need to put in it. Many ammo boxes are made to fit specific size ammo, so if you buy a box designed for pistol ammo for rifle rounds, you may not be able to get the listed amount of ammunition in the box. 

Ammo boxes are typically available for rifle ammo, pistol rounds, and shotgun shells, and the amount of ammo they will hold can vary as well. Your ammo box is typically going to be a large pistol ammo box, and you can find them at most gun shops, sporting goods stores, and many online retailers. 

Storing Your Ammo Boxes

Once you have all the ammunition you want to store in the 250 round 9mm ammo box, you should find a safe place to put them inside and in a temperature-controlled environment. Placing the full ammo boxes on a shelf in a closet is an excellent way to ensure the ammo in the box maintains its temperature and will not condensate as a result of temperature changes. 

If the ammo is stored in a hot area, the gunpowder will degrade, and the ammo will not fire correctly. Additionally, if it is stored in the cold, bringing it into a warm environment can promote condensation that can cause the ammunition to rust or corrode. It is also a good idea to label any ammo boxes you are using with the date that the rounds were put in the box so that you can use the oldest ammunition first. 

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