How Is an Electric Bike Different from a Regular Bike?

Posted on: 11 September 2020

Though not as common here in the United States, in overseas markets like Asia, electric bikes are all the rage. In fact, as recently as 2017, nearly 14% of the entire population confirmed that they had ridden an electric bicycle in the last month. To put that into perspective, in America, 12% of the population is nearly 50 million people.

Part of that discrepancy in usage is familiarity. It turns out that most people just don't know what makes electric bikes different from regular bikes. As it turns out, there's a lot of similarity between electric bikes and regular bikes, with one major exception.

It's Not the Look

On the surface, electric bikes look very similar to regular bikes. They have the same two tires, seat, handlebar, spoke and chain, along with pedals and gear shifters. Like with regular bikes, you can even fully customize most electric bikes to your heart's content, choosing the style and the color scheme that best defines you. The one major difference, aesthetically-speaking, is the presence of a small electric motor stationed near the pedals. It's usually designed so well that most people don't even realize what it is.

It's Not the Maintenance

If your electric bike breaks down, you can take it to just about any regular repair shop that you would take a normal bike too. All of the components are almost exactly the same, with the exception of the actual electric part, which will need to be taken to the manufacturer to fix. And if anything actually does go wrong with the electric motor, it will usually fall under some kind of warranty.

It's Not the Speed

Electric bikes are not inherently faster than regular bikes. In fact, federal strictly dictates that the maximum speed of electric bikes can not exceed 20 mph when operating under electric power alone, although it can go higher when used in tandem with human power. So while electric bikes can theoretically be faster than regular bikes, the difference isn't as dramatic as if the rider were on a motorcycle.

It is the Experience

Electric bikes are easy to use. The motor kicks in when the bike is at a perfect standstill, which enables the rider to pedal effortlessly into its top speed. This comes in especially handy during long commutes and uphill climbs, as the extra electricity enables you to travel farther distances without getting exhausted. While the ride itself may seem very familiar to a regular bike, riding an electric bike is pure joy, allowing you the freedom to travel great distances with as little effort as possible.

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