Bigger Is Better – Longboards Are Great For The Beginner Skateboarder

Posted on: 30 January 2017

The name longboard is indicative of exactly what it is. Longboards are longer and wider versions of the normal skateboard. Longboards have bigger wheels, wider axles and a larger board space for your feet.

Longboards have a number of benefits that make them especially useful to you if you're just beginning to learn how to skateboard. Here's why. 

A Bigger Board is Better for Beginners

Longboards are an excellent way for a beginner to learn how to skateboard more safely. One obvious reason is that they have a larger riding area, making longboards easier for you to learn how to balance. The bigger board space means you will be able to learn how to balance quicker. 

Wide Wheelbase Equals Stable Balance

The extra wide axle base also adds to the stability, plus allows for bigger wheels. While the big wheels and wide axles make longboards great for downhill racing and cruising, it also creates a more stable ride. There are actually different sizes of wheels that provide better stability for beginners.

Beginners, who are just learning to get the feel for riding a skateboard, will find a longboard much easier to learn good balance. The board is more stable because of the extended wheel design, so beginners will develop a better feel for turning and stopping. Because of the longboard wheel and axle configuration, you'll feel more balanced when riding.

More Foot Space

As you gradually become more accomplished at the basic riding skills, you'll feel more comfortable trying simple jump tricks because there is a bigger landing area on a longboard.

With a larger area to replant your feet, you'll have fewer misses. This leads to what really makes the longboard a great choice for beginners and novice skateboarders; safety. 

Safer Ride

Now you can add the three distinctive differences between a longboard and a normal skateboard, and you get a safer riding experience for beginners. Since the board is much larger, stopping and controlling the board is going to be inherently easier no matter what skill level of rider you are.

Many skateboarding accidents occur because riders fail to safely control their boards. While you still need to keep safety in mind as a beginner, choosing a longboard over a standard sized board is going to put you in a safer situation. Because Longboards are much easier to control than a smaller skateboard, beginning riders are able to more safely reach higher speeds in downhill competitions.

Longboards are a super way to cruise to work or experience the thrill of downhill skateboarding speed. But, they are also designed for better control and stability, which makes them safer and easier to learn to ride. The larger board, bigger wheels, and wider base make longboards a great choice for beginners or novice skateboard enthusiasts. For more information about finding a longboard or skateboard that's best for you, check out a company like High Five Skateboards.