Seven Sporting Goods That Could Earn You Some Money Right Now

Posted on: 3 October 2016

If you want to earn a little money, you may have some things in your garage or basement that are worth something to a pawnbroker. Many pawn shops are looking for good, used sporting goods, and most offer great, gently-used equipment at discounted prices. Take a look around your home to find any used sporting goods or supplies that could put some money in your pocket!

Seven sporting goods that pawn shops look for are:

  1. Golf clubs. Golf clubs, especially putters, are particularly in-demand at a lot of pawn stores and second-hand sporting goods stores. They typically look for clubs that are in good condition, with straight shafts, and a name-brand.
  2. Treadmills. Treadmills and other in-home exercise equipment is often sought after by pawnbrokers. Make sure that you disclose any mechanical issues or defects to the pawnbroker at the time of sale.
  3. Kayaks and canoes. If you never use your kayak or canoe, why not sell it for a few extra bucks? These are often bought by pawnbrokers to resell, especially during mild seasons and warm weather.
  4. Boxing gloves. If you have a good pair of used boxing gloves, these might earn you some cash. Generally, high-quality gloves are made of leather and usually bear a familiar name or logo.
  5. Football equipment. In the late-summer and early fall, there seems to be a market for good used football gear. From helmets and pads to practice mats and goals, students and athletes often visit pawn shops hoping to score a deal on used football equipment.
  6. Baseball gloves and bats. Why are you hanging on to that old baseball mitt? Some pawn shops will buy your old gloves and bats, so clear them out and make some money doing it!
  7. Archery bows. If you are into archery, there should definitely be a market for any of your used bows, arrows, and targets at a pawnbroker in the area. These are distinctive items, so buyers often shop for used equipment to save some money.

Instead of allowing sporting goods to collect dust in your basement or garage, consider taking them to a pawn shop to earn a little money and get a second-life in someone else's home. Check your storage spaces for any of these items, and ask area pawnbrokers for a list of what they are currently accepting and buying. Depending on the season, there could be many sporting goods in high demand right now!