Ways To Wear Your Piranha Knife In A Concealed Manner For Self-Defense

Posted on: 15 September 2016

While many people opt for elaborate tools to carry for self-defense, you really can't go wrong with carrying a knife. The benefit of using this type of tool is that it's not only valuable for self-defense, but you can use it throughout the day for a number of other applications. If you choose to carry a Piranha knife, you have the choice of a wide range of folding knives with thumb screws to allow you to open them quickly. There's nothing wrong with carrying your knife in your pocket, but there are a number of other ways to carry it in a concealed manner for quick access when you need it. Here are some options.

Horizontal Belt Sheath

A traditional knife sheath has a useful design but doesn't work well at concealing your knife, given that the sheath hangs down below your shirt. An ideal alternative is a horizontal sheath, which sits in line with your belt. Typically worn across the front of your waist, you position the sheath and knife so that the handle faces your dominant hand. You can then draw the knife and open it all in one quick movement, considerably surprising an assailant who is attempting to make you a victim.

Boot Sheath

There are a few types of knife sheaths that you can wear on or around your boot. One style holds the knife vertically between your boot and your ankle; another type is mounted to your ankle, just above the top of the boot. Yet another kind attaches to the front of the boot, being held in place by the boot's laces. Each of these options is ideal, as the sheath and knife are not very visible yet are still easy to access by quickly bending down and pulling the knife from its sheath.

Shoulder Sheath

Similar in some regards to a shoulder holster for carrying a concealed firearm, a shoulder knife sheath operates on the same principle — the weapon is kept out of sight but is easy to reach for when you need it. With this type of sheath, it's important to wear the right type of clothing to provide quick, easy access. Normally, you want to wear the sheath over your shirt but under a jacket. You can then leave the jacket fully or partially unzipped, which will allow you to easily reach underneath it and retrieve your knife, which you'll wear on the opposite side of your dominant hand.