Tips For Maintaining Your Bowling Ball

Posted on: 31 August 2016

If you are an avid bowler, you know that scuffs and scratches on your bowling ball can throw off your game. As a result, you want to be sure that you are maintaining your bowling ball so that it is as effective as possible at helping you win frames. Here are some tips for maintaining your bowling ball.

1. Get Your Ball Spun Regularly

The easiest way to keep your bowling ball in good shape is to take it to a bowling facility that is equipped with a ball spinner. A ball spinner is a machine that you can put your ball into. Once your ball is in the spinner, it is exposed to fine-grained sandpaper that will sand away any imperfections on the ball, allowing it to spin easily. The frequency that you need to put your bowling ball in a spinner is determined by how often you bowl.

It is a good idea to record the last time that you took the ball to a spinner and then record when you notice that the spin seems a little bit off. Look at the time between those two dates and calculate the number of days you went between spins. Then, subtract a few days. You want to take your ball to the spinner before you notice it impacting your game.

2. Clean and Polish Your Ball

Besides spinning your ball, you should also take the time to clean and polish your ball. There are bowling ball cleaners that you can simply purchase online, apply to a rag, and then clean your ball with. These cleaners also often have a polishing agent in them that will allow you to more efficiently get your ball to shine, rather than spend time cleaning and then separately polishing your ball.

Make sure that you clean your ball immediately after doing any bowling. The reason for this is that bowling balls are porous. When they experience a great amount of friction, such as when you actually use them for bowling, the pores widen and increase the chances of dust and other debris getting in. By cleaning your ball immediately after bowling each time, you can reduce the overall amount of debris that gets in because you will be simultaneously removing dust and sealing the ball against any sort of contamination.

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