Helping A Child Pick The Right Badminton Racket

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Teaching your child to play the game of badminton is a fun spring or summer activity. Whether you go to a badminton court or if you have a setup in your backyard already, you can bring your racket sets and teach your kids the skill and rules of the game. One of the biggest issues with getting a badminton rec set with children is selecting the right rackets. If you have children who are still small or shorter in stature, the rackets that you use as an adult may not always work for them. Here are some ways to pick a badminton racket for your kid. 

Decrease the length of the shaft

One of the issues that can impede your child from being able to operate their racket to the best of their ability is the shaft being too long. A long shaft will be easier with more muscle in the arms and with larger hands, but it can be harder to operate for a child without these qualities. A shorter racket will offer better means of control and will be easier to coordinate as a child. 

Light, but not too light, in weight

A child may want to have a lighter racket when they play badminton. A lighter racket is fine for children, as long as they are able to keep a good grip on the racket. Some children may find it better to have a racket with a regular weight so that they can feel and control the racket more easily as they practice. Try out a smaller, lightweight racket as well as a regular racket to determine which works best for your child's skill and coordination level. 

Move them up a size as they grow

Children can grow in height and weight very quickly. As you notice your child growing, their racket may no longer work for them. It is prudent to get your child a heavier and longer racket as they get taller because their muscles and form should allow them to utilize a larger racket. It is best to start them with a longer and heavier racket as soon as they begin to grow, so that they can get used to playing with an average size racket. If your child has already developed good badminton form and skills, the move to a heavier and longer racket should only take a few games to get used to.