Top Gifts For Golfing Enthusiasts

Posted on: 5 January 2015

Do you know somebody who is a golfing enthusiast? Are you searching for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for them? Instead of opting for a generic gift, here are some ideas that are sure to please:

Personalized golf shirts: Give your golf enthusiast a gift that will allow them to show their support for their favorite golf course or favorite golf player. For maximum effect and a more personal touch, this golf apparel should also be embroidered with the name of the recipient. If you aren't sure of their favorite color, give them several shirts in assorted colors.

Personalized golf clubs: If the one who will be receiving the present has yet to buy their own clubs or has worn out clubs, a set of personalized golf clubs from a retailer like The Golf Guys can be a nice touch. Purchase time for them to spend with a golf coach or specialist who will be able to tell them exactly what clubs will work best for their game. Rather than simply relying upon little more than guesswork to choose the best set of golf clubs, many golf specialists will now use computer data to help determine which clubs will work best.

Personalized golf bag: Golf clubs can easily outlast their original golf bag. While your recipient may already have a favored set of clubs, they may be in serious need of a replacement bag. Purchase a bag in their favorite colors and have it imprinted or embroidered with their name and birthday or anniversary date. If the golf bag is to commemorate their birthday, it may be best to leave the year off entirely. Obviously, not everyone will be enthusiastic about letting even perfect strangers know exactly how old they are.

Personalized golf balls: Give the gift of golf balls that are imprinted with the name of the recipient. Among other things, personalized balls will help eliminate arguments as to whether a ball that's gone into the rough is the one that was played or not. No longer will they have to try to convince their golfing buddies that their ball is the one that landed closest to the hole, they'll be able to point to the name on the ball as proof.

Novelty golf clubs: A novelty putter can make a great gift for someone who is otherwise difficult to buy for. Do they also like to barbecue? Get them a putter that is shaped like a hot dog. Have they been making a monkey out of you on the golf course? A putter shaped like a banana is the answer in this case.